VDL Fulfilment

Why VDL?

Take a look at more than enough reasons to partner with us. We guarantee you to scale successfully.

We fulfil same-day

We fulfil orders same-day or next day based on your preference.

We insure your products

Your products stored in our wide-spread storage hubs are insured against fire, flood and other damages so you don't have to worry.

We offer many ways to pay

Secure payments through mobile money, international bank transfers, PayPal, Remitly & Wise Transfer. We also offer payment on delivery.

We give you total control

Take full control of your inventory, sales, revenue and other business analytics.

We are transparent

You get real-time visibility of your supply chain on the go. Track inventory, fulfilment status with amazing support.

We manage order returns

We do the hard bit of managing unsatisfied customers so you can focus on selling more.

We let you customize

Treat your customers to an amazing experience while distinguishing your brand with our beautiful packaging options.

We support you 24/7

We're available 24/7 to assist you via email or phone.

We are reliable

You can count on us to get your orders out with 99.9% inventor accuracy.

Does this resonate with your business needs?