VDL Fulfilment

About Us

VDL is an African based e-commerce order fulfilment platform that is accelerating the growth of online businesses by facilitating continental trade through sustainable, innovative, and reliable logistical systems.

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Focus on making sales, we do the rest

We exist to enable online businesses to focus on acquiring customers and increasing their sales while their entire order management and logistics is managed by an expert who is closer to the end-customer.

Reach more customers

We allow online businesses reach wide customer bases across new regions with their products, without having a physical presence. We also enable business owners and their customers to enjoy affordable delivery rates nationwide and across countries.

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VDL Fulfilment

Our Services


Secure and spacious warehousing facilities, ensuring safe storage of your inventory


Expert packaging solutions tailored to your products, guaranteeing safe transit and optimal presentation


Efficient door-to-door delivery services nationwide, ensuring prompt arrival to your customers


Seamless payment collection and remittance to your account anywhere in the world

Call Centre

Dedicated call centre team available to call all your customers

VDL Dashboard

Comprehensive inventory management, real-time updates, and streamlined order processing

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