VDL Fulfilment


Looking for a reliable fulfilment partner? We offer flexible pricing to help your business scale. We have pricing suitable for all kinds and types of businesses

No Monthly Subscription, Free Storage

The fulfilment pricing packages below will be applied based on an assessment of your business and your preference as a vendor. 

We have customised pricing for enterprise clients like for large FMCGs, Shipping companies, among others. Contact us for a quote

Our pricing is structured in 3 tiers: Delivery Fees (flat rates), Commission (% of selling price), Packaging (flat rate) & Call Centre – Optional

Flexible Pricing, Pay As You Go

Choose a plan that works for you

Silver Package
Commission - 5% of price

With SMS updates included, we stay connected with your customers throughout the delivery process. Enjoy the benefits of flat delivery fees, payment on delivery, easy returns, and insurance coverage. 

This package is suitable for vendors who do not require any calls to customers for order confirmation.

Call Centre Fees - Not Applicable

This package does not include call center. However, SMS and Whatsapp messages will be sent to your customers confirming and updating them about the delivery. This is suitable for businesses that rely on direct selling

Gold Package
Commission - 4.5% of price

For vendors seeking a higher level of engagement, the Gold Package comes with direct phone calls to your customers, in addition to SMS updates, flat delivery fees, and insurance. 

Benefit from our well-trained call centre team that prioritises customer calls, providing a personal touch to your service. 

Call Centre Fees

Call centre fees are charged monthly based on the number of orders uploaded. This is suitable for businesses that do mass market advertisement on facebook, google etc. 

For each order uploaded, our call centre team calls the customer several times to confirm the order to increase the fulfilment rate. Find pricing below:

Call Center prices

Delivery Fees (Applies to both plans)

Delivery within Accra – $2.69 (GHC 35)
Delivery within Tema – $3.07 (GHC 40)
Delivery in other Regions –  $3.84 (GHC 50)

Packaging (Applies to both plans)

VDL provides polymailers for secured packaging. It also prints customised labels with the details of the seller and customer with a tracking number. 

Standard Packaging price – $0.08 (GHS 1) per order

Additional Information

  • Minimum commission rate is $0.15 (GHC 2) per product.
  • Commission rates stated above only apply to products that do not need to be frozen.
  • Products that require freezers attract an additional 3% on all commissions.
  • Rates do not correspond with the exchange rate but are static until agreed upon by both parties.


Sales Remittances

VDL is committed to helping you grow by allowing you to collect payments from clients at the point of delivery. 

VDL will reimburse its business partners (clients) periodically with all cash and electronic payments (including mobile money) collected on behalf of its clients. 

In cases where the business partner receives payments directly from clients, VDL will invoice the business partner to receive its commission, delivery and packaging fees (if it applies)

Period of Payments


24 hours (Available for businesses operating in Ghana)

Weekly (Available for businesses in other African countries if applicable)

Monthly (Available for swift bank transfers)

*All charges incurred in transferring payments will be borne by VDL clients

Mode of Payments

Bank Transfers
Mobile Money
International Transfers are available

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I like the way I got a text message in the morning to inform me of my impending delivery, plus it was delivered in good time. Keep up with the good work. 


Parcel Recipient

I'm so glad I didn't have to direct the rider myself. I just sent him my location and he got here so fast. 


Parcel Recipient