VDL Fulfilment

Let VDL store, package and deliver your orders across Ghana

Track operations remotely, sell in all regions in Ghana and grow your online business.

Payment to online sellers
$ 10000 +
Orders fulfilled
10000 +
Deliveries successfully delivered
1000 +
Frequently Asked Questions:

What does VDL Fulfilment do?

VDL Fulfilment streamlines operations of online sellers and businesses by handling their storage, packaging, order processing, customer service, call center, and last mile deliveries to customers anywhere across Ghana timely and efficiently.

Online sellers and businesses can focus on marketing, product development, production and track all operations, inventory, deliveries, customer service, sales on the VDL dashboard remotely, and in real time.

Enjoy Same Day & Next Day, Door to Door Deliveries

VDL has storage hubs in every region in Ghana, allowing you to enjoy same day deliveries, and door to door deliveries to your customers anywhere in Ghana. Your customers can receive their orders in a few hours after they place an order.

VDL team tracking sales and inventory on dashboard

Offer Payment on Delivery, Track Sales & Inventory in Real-time

At VDL, we can receive payment-on-delivery on your behalf, which makes customers comfortable to order your products. This increases your sales as customers trust that they will receive the product before they pay. We also allow you to track all your sales and inventory via our dashboard in real-time keeping you informed through-out.

Zero Storage, Zero Subscription; Pay when you Sell

VDL makes it easy to start selling in Ghana and across all regions without paying any fee. We run a pay as you go model allowing you to only make payment when you make a sale. This motivates us to do everything in our power for customers to receive their orders.

VDL team pointing at its technology dashboard

Discover how we can help you grow

VDL works with Online sellers, SMEs, Enterprise clients from any country across the world who want to sell in Ghana
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Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers to the frequently asked questions about VDL

How safe are my products with VDL?

At VDL, we prioritise the safety and security of your products throughout the entire fulfilment process. We employ stringent security measures, including 24/7 CCTV surveillance and security personnels, to monitor our facilities and safeguard your inventory. 

Furthermore, we offer comprehensive insurance coverage, including asset all-risk and goods in transit insurance provided by Enterprise Insurance, a leading insurance company in Ghana. This ensures that your products are protected against any unforeseen events during storage, handling, and transportation.

Rest assured that when you partner with VDL, your products are in safe hands

How do I send my orders to VDL?

At VDL, we offer a variety of flexible options to cater to your needs.

Manual Order Upload via Dashboard
Our user-friendly technology dashboard allows you to manually upload individual orders quickly and easily. This method is ideal for handling single orders or for small-volume businesses.

Customized Order Link
We can provide you with a personalized order link and customers can place orders directly through this link to us. The orders will be automatically transmitted to our system for fulfilment. This offers a convenient ordering process for both you and your customers.

Bulk Upload via Excel
For businesses with larger order volumes, we support bulk order upload via Excel spreadsheets and can integrate directly into live excel sheets. We will provide you with a template, fill the details of the orders., and upload it directly to our system. This method allows you to submit multiple orders in a single batch, saving time and effort.

Website Integration
If you have a website, we can integrate directly to automate the order submission process through APIs, eliminating the need for manual intervention.

Does VDL offer payment on delivery?

Yes, we do. We ensure every seller gives their customers an option of payment on delivery to enable them to build trust and foster more sales. This is because customers are more comfortable paying for products upon receipt. However, we are also happy to work with vendors who receive payment before delivery.

What does it cost to start working with VDL?

There is no cost to start working with VDL. You just need to send us your products which is stored securely at zero (0) cost. VDL only charges a small commission on the price of the product when the customer receives the product/when a sale is made. Check out our pricing packages designed for your specific needs 

How does VDL handle remittance of payments received on behalf of vendors?

VDL has partnered with Zeepay to handle all remittances in Ghana and out of Ghana to any country. VDL processes remittances to vendors every 24 hours (local), weekly, or monthly based on the vendors preference. Reach out to us if you have any preference, we will be happy to meet your specific requirements and needs.

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