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Let VDL reach your customers and deliver your orders across Africa

Reduce setup costs, reach new markets and grow your online business.

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Payment to online sellers
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What is VDL?

VDL is a service that helps online sellers reach customers anywhere in Africa by handling their logistics & fulfilment. VDL also handles customer service and returns for all orders.

Try VDL and get access to multiple fulfilment across Africa

VDL allows online sellers to have products closer to buyers. We have an advanced network of fulfilment centres across Africa which enable you to sell to customers anywhere in Africa. We are growing rapidly to all parts of the continent.

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Build trust with buyers to increase sales and grow your business

With VDL, you get to focus on marketing and sales. Our advanced network makes you closer to your customers and hands your products directly to them. We take payment-on-delivery which makes customers comfortable to order your products. This increases your sales as customers trust that they will receive the product before they pay.


I'm so glad I didn't have to direct the rider myself. I just sent him my location and he got here so fast. 


Parcel Recipient

We have experienced what it means to have a reliable partner. We don't talk to our customers, we just sit back, relax, and receive our sales. In less than 6 months, our sales have increased by 100x when we focused on marketing

Chantalle Anderson

Tech Era

I like the way I got a text message in the morning to inform me of my impending delivery, plus it was delivered in good time. Keep up with the good work. 


Parcel Recipient

Top Brands Trust VDL

Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers to the frequently asked questions about VDL

What is VDL?

VDL is a service that helps online sellers to reach customers anywhere in Africa by handling their storage, packing and delivery. VDL also handles customer service and returns for all orders.

What is “Fulfilment”?

Fulfilment is the process of reaching customers, packing, and shipping orders, as well as handling returns and exchanges. Some businesses manage fulfilment in-house, while others use a service like VDL or some combination of in-house and third-party options. Effective, reliable fulfilment delights customers.

Does VDL offer payment on delivery?

Yes, we do. We ensure every seller gives their customers an option of payment on delivery to enable them to build trust and foster more sales. This is because customers are more comfortable paying for products upon receipt.

What are VDL’s fees?

Costs vary per item. VDL offers flexible and affordable pricing to help you grow. Get a custom quote here.

Can VDL fulfil orders for businesses outside Africa?

Yes. we have various international transfer options for sellers outside Africa.